02 Jul

Life is full of options, isn’t it?

Like the option of choosing the best from what is available.

Between the option of Organic food and conventionally grown food, which would you choose for your daily diet.

We got into closely analyzing the difference between organic & conventionally grown food and this is what we came up with:



1. Organic fruits & vegetables have up to 40 percent higher nutrients.

Conventionally grown fruits and Vegetables are lower in nutrients due to excessive use of chemical pesticides

2. Organic food is free of artificial colors

Conventionally grown food usually contains artificial colors, flavor & ingredients

3. The process of cultivating organic food protects natural resources & conserves biodiversity.

The process of cultivating conventionally grown food does the complete opposite

4. They are safe, healthy and kinder to the environment

This is neither safe nor healthier and absolutely not environmental friendly

5. As organic is pure in its form, it is the best suitable option for food consumption for pregnant women and kids.

Conventionally grown food may lead to complicated delivery of a child. Also can prove harmful to kids’ delicate immunity system.

We leave it on you to compare and decide which looks best for your daily consumption. These are just some of the points of comparison between organic and conventionally grown food. Keep checking our blog for more on health benefits of organic food. We will help you explore more about what is good and harmful for your food lifestyle.

Till then, stay healthy!

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