02 Jul

Turmeric is a wonderful spice that adds a beautiful sunshine color and a mild fragrance to your dish. Who admires a plain looking dish anyway?

Organic turmeric powder has a long list of health benefits to offer. You are sure to be amazed to know them. Some of them are listed below:

  • Immunity booster: Turmeric possesses anti-viral properties that help keep away flu bacteria from the body. It is also well known to promote your body’s immunity.
  • Heals wound: One of the most effective uses of turmeric is on wounds. It acts as an antiseptic, which reduces pain heals wounds faster.
  • Cancer prevention: Antioxidants present in turmeric protect the colon cells from radicals that can damage cellular DNA. It also enhances the liver function.
  • Lowers cholesterol: Turmeric helps prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the body. Since oxidized cholesterol is what damages blood vessels and builds up in the plaques that can lead to heart attack or stroke, preventing the oxidation of new cholesterol may help to reduce the progression of atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease.
  • Controls blood sugar: Turmeric is also good for a diabetic. It can help stabilize the blood sugar levels in the body.

Organic Tattva based in Delhi/NCR, has a wide range of organic spices to offer, turmeric being one of them.  Turmeric being a daily use at the Indian kitchen is best consumed organic. We promise purity as we are USDA certified.

Welcome to the healthy world of organic food!

(Source: The world’s healthiest foods)

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