12 Jun

Despite being on the expensive side when compared to their conventional counterparts, consumption of organic products is on the rise. Of those who do purchase organic products, 24% do so for health and taste reasons. As a matter of fact, several studies have found that people associate organic products with good or better tasting products.

It may be fair to believe that organic products might taste different when compared to products that aren’t grown organically. One major difference between the two lies in the systems that incorporated to grow them. Organic farming relies on natural fertilizers like compost and manures, which have different nutrient availabilities in comparison to synthetic fertilizer, which is used in conventional farming. This could impact the concentration of sugars and other compounds in organic products, thereby changing the flavour.

That said, while it does feel good ethically, there is a reason organic products taste different when compared to products that are not organic.

Organic fruits & vegetables tend to grow more slowly and have lower water content, which contributes to the ‘fuller flavour’ that some people may experience. Organic crops are grown in nourishing conditions that contribute to their overall health. Speaking of the more intense flavour in organic products, the two major factors responsible for that are: higher antioxidant levels and, on average, lower crop yields.

When there are more nutrients and nitrogen available per plant in a crop, distribution of the flavour happens naturally. That’s ideally how your food should taste. Organic farmers ensure there are enough nutrients naturally available in the soil so that the crops can soak them up gradually, over time.

This ensures a more real, wholesome, and delicious flavour. When we eat organic products that come straight from the farm, the flavour is usually distinct, and in a good way.

Not only does it taste better by itself, you’ll see yourself requiring fewer additives while cooking.

So now that you know what you’re getting by making the #SwitchToOrganic, it’s time you start incorporating it in your lifestyle, one healthy alternative at a time.

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