Benefits Of Psyllium Husk
26 Jun

As unusual as the name of this superfood might sound, Organic Psyllium Husk is a perfectly natural way to step up your fibre intake on a regular basis!

  1. More than a regulator:

    Fibre does more than just being a regulator — it’s also important to provide essential nutrients to the entire body. We obtain fibre most abundantly in our diets from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

  2. Origin of Psyllium:

    Psyllium is a form of fibre made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds. Most commonly known as a laxative, research shows that consuming psyllium benefits many parts of the human body, including the heart and the pancreas.

  3. Impact on your digestive health:

    Psyllium is a prebiotic — a substance needed for healthy colonies of probiotics to grow in the gut.Having good bacteria in your digestive system is essential for boosting immunity. Your body is better able to fight infection, and maintain healthy tissue and cells.

  4. Potential impact on the health of your heart:

    Research has shown that taking soluble fibre can help people manage their cholesterol levels. Proper cholesterol regulation is essential for all, even more so for people who are above the age of 50.

    Several studies have also shown that psyllium, taken as part of a healthy diet, can help lower a person’s risk of heart disease. It can further impact your heart positively by lowering the blood pressure, and strengthening the muscles of the heart.

  5. Helps you manage your weight:

    Besides being good for your heart and blood sugar levels, psyllium may help you lose weight. This is because psyllium absorbs liquid in your body, so it can help give you a feeling of being full. This can help you feel full for a longer time and thereby be in control of the amount of food you eat.

    Although benefits of psyllium are quite a lot, it is best to start by taking one serving of organic psyllium husk each day and gradually increase it to three servings per day if needed, for the body to adapt.

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