The Organic Movement
06 Mar

Given the way they’ve been gaining popularity lately; you must’ve wondered as to what was the motivating factor behind people switching to organic.

Well, for starters, organic foods have always been around. In fact, your great grandparents probably grew top quality organic grains and vegetables in their own backyard.

This entire movement revolving around organic foods came into existence in response to the industrialisation of agriculture. Back in the post-war era following World War II, farmers started to use new techniques, including synthetic pesticides and chemicals to get rid of weeds, insects, and other pests.

This was possible because of scientific research during the war which revealed that the same chemicals used as nerve gas could also be used to kill insects on crops.

In response to the growing dependency of farmers on chemicals and pesticides, the modern organic movement began and gained popularity at about the same time industrialised agriculture became popular.

Those against it were looking for alternative ways to combat industrialised agriculture. They intended doing so by encouraging organic farming techniques as more people started to demand safer food production methods to minimize the health hazard concerns related to the use of chemicals in foods.

Over the years, several books were published and societies were formed to educate people about the food they’ve been eating and the healthier options available to them.

In fact, during ‘green movement’, people got extra motivation to eat healthily. The organic market got a major boost due to this as farmers started incorporating organic methods into their farming operations.

India’s got to thank Kavita Mukhi for bringing the organic movement to the country. She founded Conscious Food in the 1990s, offering a curated range of natural and organic products like cereals, flours, grains, sugars, oils, etc. She later set up the weekly Farmers’ Market in Mumbai, one of the major contributors towards taking organic food mainstream in India.

What started as a voice of dissent in the 1920s against the use of chemicals in farming, turned into this big movement, the ripples of which can be felt even today as more people are looking to make the big switch! We at Organic Tattva have always believed in helping people live a healthier and wholesome life by providing 100% certified organic food. We’ve stood firm on our stance thus far and plan to do so in the future as well.

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