Benefits of Organic Green Tea
22 Jan

Don’t you love sipping into a hot cup of green tea on a cold winter’s morning?

Well, tea has been India’s favorite drink for decades. But green tea is relatively new. You’ve probably heard people tell you that green tea is good for weight-loss, well, they aren’t wrong but green tea does more than just that!

Green tea has been native to India & China and was regularly consumed for medicinal purposes. For those of you who have recently been introduced to green tea, here are a few facts you may want to know!

Green tea is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the least processed types of tea. It contains large amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols. These polyphenols are the reason green tea is known to help kill cancerous cells in your body and reduces numerous heart-related problems.

A few benefits of green tea you must know:

  1. Improves Brain Function and Mental Performance:

    The caffeine present is enough to provide a lift for most people and additionally, the amino aide L-theanine has a relaxing effect while simultaneously increasing alertness, which, in combination with caffeine, can increase brain function and help you be more productive.

  2. Protects Your Brain and Prevents Cognitive Decline

    It may also help protect your brain in the long-term antioxidant catechins in green tea can have a protective effect on neurons, potentially lowering your risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

  3. Delays Aging

    Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps neutralize oxidants or free radicals present in the body which can effectively delay the signs & symptoms of ageing.

  4. Acts as an immune-booster

    Organic green tea plays a very important role in boosting the body’s immunity against various diseases such as cancer, heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis, tooth decay, and many others. This property is attributed to the high amounts catechins (antioxidants) present in the green tea. It also has strong antimicrobial effects which help protect one from bad breath, indigestion, cold and flu, stomach infections etc.

  5. Organic Green Tea for Weight Loss

    A widely known benefit of weight-loss is green tea. Just by drinking 2-3 cups of it could help increase your metabolism & lose a significant amount of fat in your body.

    But what makes green tea even better is if the tea is organically produced.

    Having an organic certification means that, the tea you’re drinking has passed the standards for consumer safety and is environment-friendly. It also means that the tea is produced without the use of any synthetic chemicals, herbicides & fertilizers.

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After all holistic living is healthy living!


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