Why to go for Organic Foods
02 Jul

We all are aware of the decreasing average lifespan of a person. What could be the reason? One of the main reasons is an unhealthy diet. We all crave for food that is least beneficial or rather harmful for our body & lifestyle. But we are humans, we don’t try hard enough to control out cravings, do we? All we need is some self-control and a little knowledge about what is good and harmful for us. There are also many dishes that are unhealthy but can be converted to healthy food with a handful of alteration. How does substituting the inorganic ingredients with organic ingredients sound? Some minor changes in your daily diet can prove to be helpful up to a great extent.

One of the most important & valid reasons being that food ‘not’ cultivated with the help of pesticides and harmful chemicals, is always a better option. Thus, switching to organic food is a good & sensible idea. Moreover, eating healthy doesn’t need a reason. Globally every four households out of five buy organic products (80.3%). More than half of shoppers (55%) believe it is important to do so, while only 6% think shopping organic is ‘not at all important’.

What are the top reasons for buying organic?

You have an open option between chemicals & pure natural products. It is on you to decide which option do you find better. Organic food is great to taste & an increasingly global market for things cannot get any better.e same has made it easily available. Global sales of organic products have reached almost $63 billion (more than €45 billion) in 2011 – i.e. the overall sales have increased by 25.1% since the start of the global economic downturn in 2008.

If it is nature-friendly and really healthy with numerous benefits attached to it, things cannot get any better.

Switching to organic is now easy when you can choose from our wide range of organic food product categories – Organic Rice, Organic Grains & Cereals, Organic Flours, Organic Pulses, Organic Sugar, Organic Jaggery, Organic Whole Spices, Organic Masala Blends, Organic Superfoods & Health foods, Organic Tea & Organic Coffee, Organic Oils, Organic Honey & Organic Pastes, Natural Salts, Organic Ground Spices & Organic Dry Fruits.

The world is going organic, are you?

(Statistics Source: Soil Association Global Market Report 2013)