Why #SwitchToOrganic?

Organic is not just a healthy way of eating but also one which is guilt free. When we take care of the earth, it takes care of us too. That said, organic growing methods are far more gentle on the land and aim at improving sustainability.

How are organic products different?

The difference between organic products and non-organic products (conventional)  has to do with how they are produced. As for organic foods, reduced pesticide use eliminates poison from the environment that kill helpful insects, such as honeybees, while reduced fertilizer use prevents polluted runoff that can poison rivers and oceans.

I've heard that organic foods don't taste that good. Is it true?

While there’s no conclusive evidence, some people may find that organic food tastes better because organic products are fresher when locally produced.

Why Organic Tattva?

Health is the wholeness and integrity of living systems. In a time where humans are taking away the goodness of nature, we strive to turn the wheel full circle by preserving it. Founded on the belief that nature need not lose out in our quest for advancement, Organic Tattva strives to support a wholesome life print. We do our bit for Mother Nature and by making just one right change in life, so can everyone else.

What kind of products do you have to offer?

Where can I buy your products?

While we’re constantly looking to get our organic products to several stores so that they’re conveniently available to you, you can find them at major online and offline retail stores. These include Amazon, Bigbasket, Flipkart, Nature’s Basket, Big Bazaar, Star Bazaar, Haiko and Reliance Fresh.

I have a product suggestion I'd love to see an organic version of. How do I share it across to you?

We love it when you show appreciation towards what we do. That said, we’d love to hear your organic product suggestions. You can drop an email regarding the same on feedback@organictattva.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.