Ways to Stay Healthy in Festive Season
26 Aug

The festive season has almost arrived, presenting to us a host of occasions to celebrate with family and friends. But, it also means that you’ll have a wide variety of sweets, snacks and other delicacies. Even those who maintain a healthy weight tend to gain about a kilo during this season. Meanwhile, overweight individuals can put on two kilos or more, as suggested by credible research.

So the big question really is, how do you keep your health, fitness and weight on track through these months? Mentioned below are five resolutions that will help you get through this season with ease, while still enjoying your favourite snacks:

  1. Be realistic:

    Given the fact that you’re going to be offered laddoos, kheer & other festive delicacies every now and then, this is clearly not the best time to lose weight. What you can do though, is aim at maintaining your current weight!

  2. Exercise regularly:

    Everyone’s aware of the health benefits that come with exercising regularly. Getting yourself into a routine and sticking to it is of paramount importance. You might have to motivate yourself every other day, but working out will help you bust stress and feel good. Daily exercise also offsets the increase in eating and calories.

  3. Avoid skipping meals:

    Skipping lunch to compensate for a high-calorie dinner is definitely not a good idea. Eating regular & small meals, in addition to dinner, is going to keep your blood sugar stable and prevent cravings. You’re far less likely to overeat.

  4. Keep sugary foods at bay:

    Foods that are loaded with sugar cause a spike in the sugar content in our body. This, in turn, makes us crave more of rich and sugary foods. It’s quite literally, a never-ending cycle.

  5. Always take smaller servings:

    That said, one mustn’t deprive themselves of their favourite treats. Rather, focus on portion sizes and eat smaller portions. You’ll find that small servings of your favourite dishes are far more satisfying than having too much of it.

Keep the aforementioned practices in mind and you’re all set to enjoy the upcoming Indian festive season.